audio play, 45 minutes 5 seconds
Romanian Cultural Centre, London (UK)

An adaptation for radio of the theatre play 'Iona' (1969), a tragedy in four acts written by Romanian poet, playwright and novelist Marin Sorescu and translated into English by artist Diana Duta.

The play takes as its starting point the ancient story of the reluctant prophet Jonah, who is eaten by a whale and spends three days inside its belly. The fisherman's uninterrupted, rambling monologue manages to perfectly capture the human condition with its dark humour and "the wry wisdom that sees through everything and yet continues to hope and despair."

A project by Diana Duta in collaboration with Ryan Swindlehurst (voice) and Vicky Steiri (sound recording and mixing).

Recipient of the 'Roundtable projects' grant from The Romanian Cultural Centre in London.

During the premiere, the videos functioned as backdrops / ageless figures.