Having purple eyes is a true story, captured through interactions in the legal system. Based on scattered memories of human encounters in courts, police stations, waiting rooms and corridors, and notes collected by Diana Duta during her time working as an interpreter.

Given free hand to choose, pick and experiment, the material was recorded by artists working with voice in various ways: Liberty Baverstock, Paul Haworth and Alice Pamuk.

Music for the piece is composed live by Matthieu Levet. The live performance is entirely improvised and tells a story arranged differently each time.

“Questions, more information, and the pursuit of truth, through different readings, echo to fill these spaces. Fiction is not allowed in – and if it does enter, it enters via wandering thoughts upon hearing someone pulling on their zipper, or the sound of a phone ringing in a near-by room. You wonder if all the rooms on this floor are identical and are also void of anything on the walls – I’m sorry, could you repeat the question? – you ask this but you’re really focusing on how muffled the pacing footsteps sound on this carpet.” R.Carey

Performances 2018:

feeelings, Brussels
Rollaversion Gallery, London (documentation and a commissioned text by Rachel Carey available on the gallery website)
Peryton, Copenhagen


Split show with Drunkard on Noods Radio, Bristol (second link below)
Radiophrenia 2019, Glasgow

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